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Utility Sheds

The Utility is considered your basic storage building making it ideal for the customer who wants a simple storage building without all the bells and whistles; however by adding a few simple options like windows, shelving, workbenches, pegboard, 6? overhangs, etc… you can easily dress it up to suite your needs.

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More details

  • 4?x6? runners notched 1? deep for extra strength
  • 2?x6? floor joists placed 16? on-center (O/C)
  • All 8? wide buildings have 2?x4? floor joists placed 16? O/C
  • 5/8? tongue & groove LP SmartFloor
  • Building has 7’9? wall height

Standard Features

  • One 72? wide double wooden door on the sidewall and two (24?x36?) windows on the same side as the door
  • All 8’x12?, 10’x12? and 12’x12? wide side utilities feature one 48? wide wooden door and two (24?x36?) windows

Available Options

Available in the following sizes:
8×12* 12×28 14×40
10×12 12×32 16×24
10×16 12×36 16×28
10×20 14×20 16×32
12×12 14×24 16×36
12×16 14×28 16×40
12×20 14×32
12×24 14×36

*All 8? wide buildings feature a single 48? wide wooden door. Custom sizes and options are available. Please contact us or your nearest dealer for more information.


  • Add a 36? solid walk-in door
  • Add a 36? 9-lite walk-in door
  • Add a 36? wood door
  • Add a 48? wood door
  • Add extra 36? double wooden doors
  • Add 2’x3? windows
  • Add 3’x3? windows
  • Add ridge vents for shingle roofs only (come in 4? lengths)
  • Add overhead lofts (available in 4? wide sections)
  • Add workbench to any barn (available in 8? sections with 2? increments)
  • Add double shelves to any barn (available in 8? sections with 2? increments)
  • Add a 6’x7? roll-up garage door
  • Add a 9’x7? roll-up garage door
  • Add wooden ramp to any barn (cost can not be included in RTO price)


  • Studs are 16? O/C for extra strength
  • 3/8? LP SmartSide Panel Siding, manufactured with baked-on enamel (primer), designed for outdoor use
  • Choose from 13 high quality exterior paint colors or from two Urethane Stain colors – Nature Walk Cedar or Chestnut Brown; all specifically formulated for use on LP SmartPanel Siding.

Available Paint Colors

Available Metal Colors

*Not all roof colors are the same or available in all areas

Please Note: Paint and metal color representations on this website may vary from the actual colors. Please consult with a dealer to obtain the exact paint and metal color samples.

Available Shingles Styles

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Customer Reviews
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