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Studio Sheds

The Star-Tec Studio was designed to meet most HOA guidelines. The building is available as a finished unit ready for delivery or built-on-site! With 4×6 runners removed, the building sits at 7’11” – below most HOA requirements and by choosing your paint and roof colors you can match your home. The Studio is ideal for a home office, art or craft studio, workshop, pool house, or your everyday storage needs. Contact a dealer today to custom design your Studio and transform your backyard!


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More details

  • 5/8? tongue and groove LP SmartFloor
  • 2?x4? wall studs 16? O/C
  • Interior height front wall = 7’1?and real wall = 6’5?
  • Exterior height with skids: Front wall = 8’4? and rear wall = 7’4?
  • Exterior heigh without skids: Front wall = 7’11½” and rear wall = 6’11½”
  • 3/8?LP SmartSide panel siding, manufactured with baked-on enamel (primer), designed specifically for outdoor use
  • Choose from 13 high quality exterior paint colors or from two Urethane Stain colors – Nature Walk Cedar or Chestnut Brown; all specifically formulated for use on LP SmartPanel Siding

*StarTec studios required by HOA to be under 8? tall and built on-site will be built buy ventolin without skids   Studios built and delivered or built on-site! *Studios built on-site are not available for rent-to-own.

Standard Features

  • 1? overhangs around the building
  • 36? double transom doors
  • One vertical 5-Lite transom window on either side of doors
  • One 2’x3? window centered on both sidewalls paired with Z-Style shutters
  • Up to three paint colors as well as two eave vents in the front and rear of the building (4 total)

Available Options

Available in the following sizes:
8×10 8×14
8×12 8×16

*All 10? long buildings feature a single 48? wide transom door. Please contact us or your nearest dealer for more information.


  • Studs are 16? O/C for extra strength
  • 3/8? LP SmartSide Panel Siding, manufactured with baked-on enamel (primer), designed for outdoor use
  • High quality exterior paint, formulated for use on our painted storage buildings.

Color Options

Available Paint Colors

Available Metal Colors

*Not all roof colors are the same or available in all areas
Please Note: Paint and metal color representations on this website may vary from the actual colors. Please consult with a dealer to obtain the exact paint and metal color samples.

Available Shingles Styles

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Customer Reviews
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