Children’s Playhouses

With a playhouse from Star-Tec your child can let their imagination run wild! From our Hideout themed, with optional log siding, to our Victorian themed playhouses, kids love the detail and quality build of our outdoor playhouses. They are sure to be a big hit with the kids or grandkids and are so well built who knows how many generations may get to play in them. Kick those kids off the electronics and call us today for a free quote on a custom built playhouse.


Children’s Playhouses

Hideout Playhouse

Our Hideout Playhouse comes standard with 4′ walls, a four foot porch with posts and handrails, two doors – one large adult door in the rear wall and one Mini-Dutch door on the front porch. Hideouts get a 12×12 window in the gable over the porch, a 14×21 window to the left of the Mini-Dutch door and a 14×21 window centered on both sidewalls. An optional upgrade of the Hideout is a 4″ Pressure Treated Log Siding with Honey Gold stain and black shingles. Standard Hideouts comes with an LP SmartPanel Siding.

Victorian Playhouse

Victorian Playhouses come standard with 4′ walls, two door – one large adult door in the end wall and one Mini-Dutch door on the front wall. Victorians get a 14×21 window on either side of the Dutch door and a 12×12 window in the dormer. The pictured Victorian features LP SmartPanel Siding with Minuet Pink Walls, white trim and black shingles. You can upgrade to taller walls, add windows or add log siding.

Available in the following sizes:
8×12 10×16

Please contact us or your nearest dealer for more information.

Color Options

Available Paint Colors

Available Shingles Styles

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Customer Reviews

Lori Malone
"We went shopping at several different places and decided to buy from Star-Tec because they were so friendly and polite. I really like the barn and it even matches the color of the other building I already had on my property."
Kristen Abner
"The buying experience was wonderful; the salesperson walked us through everything and made it very simple to purchase the building. The driver was on time and stayed there until the building was setup perfectly – a true professional."
Leonard Berry
"I've never seen anyone work as hard and diligently as they did. They impressed me so much that I felt compelled to compliment them on their high standard of professionalism."