Garages come in a variation of sizes and include a quality roll-up garage door. Choose a garage from one of our many sizes that will best fit your needs. From a 12’x24′ which is a great lawnmower/garden shed to a 14’x40′ which is large enough to store your bass boat, show car or Harley inside. Custom sizes are available.


More Details

  • 4″x6″ runners notched 1″ deep for extra strength
  • 2″x6″ floor joists placed 12″ on-center (O/C) for added strength
  • All 8′ wide buildings have 2″x4″ floor joists placed 12″ O/C
  • 5/8″ tongue & groove LP SmartFloor
  • Building has 7’9″ wall height

Standard Features

  • One 7’x9′ garage door in the front
  • One 36″x72″ solid walk-in door and one 24″x36″ window to the right side of the garage door.
  • On custom orders for 10′ wide garages, they will feature a 6’x7′ garage door along with the standard walk-in door and window as described above

Available Options


Available in the following sizes:
12×24 14×28 16×28
12×28 14×32 16×32
12×32 14×36 16×36
12×36 14×40 16×40
14×24 16×24

*All 8′ wide buildings feature a single 48″ wide wooden door

Custom sizes and options are available. Please contact us or your nearest dealer for more information.


  • Add a 36″ solid walk-in door
  • Add a 36″ 9-lite walk-in door
  • Add a 36″ wood door
  • Add a 48″ wood door
  • Add a 48″ vinyl single door
  • Add extra 36″ double wooden doors
  • Add 36″ vinyl double doors
  • Add 2’x3′ windows
  • Add 3’x3′ windows
  • Add 16″ O/C to Treated Building only
  • Add ridge vents for shingle roofs only (come in 4′ lengths)
  • Add overhead lofts (available in 4′ wide sections)
  • Add workbench to any barn (available in 8′ sections with 2′ increments)
  • Add double shelves to any barn (available in 8′ sections with 2′ increments)
  • Add a 6’x7′ roll-up garage door
  • Add a 9’x7′ roll-up garage door
  • Add wooden ramp to any barn (cost can not be included in RTO price)


  • Studs are 24″ O/C and double studded every 4′ or at every seam
  • #1 Grade 5/8″ Pressure Treated Siding
  • High quality exterior stain specially formulated for use on pressure treated barns. Honey Gold is the standard stain color on all pressure treated buildings.


  • Studs are 16″ O/C for extra strength
  • 3/8″ LP SmartSide Panel Siding, manufactured with baked-on enamel (primer), designed for outdoor use
  • Choose from 13 high quality exterior paint colors or from two Urethane Stain colors – Nature Walk Cedar or Chestnut Brown; all specifically formulated for use on LP SmartPanel Siding.

Color Options

Available Paint Colors

Available Metal Colors

*Not all roof colors are the same or available in all areas
Please Note: Paint and metal color representations on this website may vary from the actual colors. Please consult with a dealer to obtain the exact paint and metal color samples.

Available Shingles Styles

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Customer Reviews

Lori Malone
"We went shopping at several different places and decided to buy from Star-Tec because they were so friendly and polite. I really like the barn and it even matches the color of the other building I already had on my property."
Kristen Abner
"The buying experience was wonderful; the salesperson walked us through everything and made it very simple to purchase the building. The driver was on time and stayed there until the building was setup perfectly – a true professional."
Leonard Berry
"I've never seen anyone work as hard and diligently as they did. They impressed me so much that I felt compelled to compliment them on their high standard of professionalism."