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An inventory (on-lot) building purchased from a dealer will be delivered in approximately 7-10 working days. If the building being purchased has to be manufactured, it will be delivered in approximately 14-21 working days. *All deliveries are subject to weather conditions and the demand of the season.
The only requirements are a level location, clear access to set the building and wide enough driveway for the trailer and building. Our buildings are designed to rest directly on their skids. Drivers will level the buildings using wood blocks, however you may choose to purchase your own concrete blocks to substitute the wood blocks. *Blocks may be purchased at any local hardware store or lumber yard.
We offer Free Delivery, Free Setup and Leveling. Escort fees may be required in certain areas for 14 or 16 foot wide buildings. Escort fees are free for all deliveries within 150 miles from the region’s manufacturing plant.
Drivers need a vertical space of 16 feet, measured from the ground to the top of the building when it is on the trailer. *Be sure to take tree branches and utility wires into account. Drivers additionally prefer 6 feet on either side of the building or trailer to maneuver the truck.
Yes, we offer on-site construction. The on-site construction fee is 25% of the retail price of the building. Rent-to-Own is not available for on-site construction.
Because of hauling regulations in some areas, the Department of Transportation requires that the maximum width a building can be is 12 feet wide at the widest point. The same laws may apply to 14 foot wide buildings. For this reason depending on where the building is delivered, 12 foot wide and 14 foot wide buildings are measured from eave to eave. All 8 foot wide and 10 foot wide buildings are measured from wall to wall.
All painted and metal buildings are maintenance free for a minimum of ten years. Treated buildings, depending on the building’s location and influence by weather, i.e. sunlight, should be re-stained approximately every three years.
You are responsible for contacting your local city and county agencies with regards to any permits, covenants, zoning, and/or regulations. If applicable, it is also recommended that you contact your Home Owners Association to determine what neighborhood rules and regulations may apply.
Star-Tec Builders guarantees ALL of our buildings to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of three years. Standard metal roofs and shingles have 30 year warranties. Our pressure LP Smartside® siding has a lifetime manufacturer warranty against termites and fungal decay.
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Yes, we can change or add the location and arrangement of windows, lofts and doors in most buildings. There is also a large array of options and upgrades available for most buildings.