Side Lofted Barns

Another common storage building similar to the lofted barn, but features the double wooden door on one sidewall with two 2’x3′ windows placed on either side of the door. Add workbenches or shelving for the perfect backyard workshop.

More details

  • 4″x6″ runners notched 1″ deep for extra strength
  • 2″x6″ floor joists placed 16″ on-center (O/C)
  • All 8′ wide buildings have 2″x4″ floor joists placed 16″ O/C
  • 5/8″ tongue & groove LP SmartFloor
  • Building has 6’6″ wall height

Standard Features

  • One 72″ wide double wooden door (All 8′ wide buildings feature a single 48″ wide wooden door)
  • Interior lofts built above top plate
  • False loft door on the gable end above the door
  • Interior height is 6’6″ from floor to top plate
  • Building available with metal roof or shingles

Available Options

Available in the following sizes:
8×12* 12×28 14×40
10×12 12×32 16×24
10×16 12×36 16×28
10×20 14×20 16×32
12×12 14×24 16×36
12×16 14×28 16×40
12×20 14×32
12×24 14×36

*All 8′ wide buildings feature a single 48″ wide wooden door. Custom sizes and options are available. Please contact us or your nearest dealer for more information.


  • Add a 36″ solid walk-in door
  • Add a 36″ 9-lite walk-in door
  • Add a 36″ wood door
  • Add a 48″ vinyl single door
  • Add extra 36″ double wooden doors
  • Add 36″ vinyl double doors
  • Add 2’x3′ windows
  • Add 3’x3′ windows
  • Add 8′ walls to a Lofted Barn (only available for 10′ and 12′ wide buildings)
  • Add ridge vents for shingle roofs only (come in 4′ lengths)
  • Add overhead lofts (available in 4′ wide sections)
  • Add workbench to any barn (available in 8′ sections with 2′ increments)
  • Add double shelves to any barn (available in 8′ sections with 2′ increments)
  • Add a 6’x7′ roll-up garage door
  • Add  a 9’x7′ roll-up garage door
  • Add wooden ramp to any barn (cost can not be included in RTO price)


  • Studs are 16″ O/C for extra strength
  • Choose from 13 high quality exterior paint colors or from two Urethane Stain colors – Nature Walk Cedar or Chestnut Brown; all specifically formulated for use on LP SmartPanel Siding.

Color Options

Available Paint Colors

Available Metal Colors

*Not all roof colors are the same or available in all areas
Please Note: Paint and metal color representations on this website may vary from the actual colors. Please consult with a dealer to obtain the exact paint and metal color samples.

Available Shingles Styles


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