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Quality Built Portable Buildings at Affordable Prices, Save You Money Over Renting Storage Units

Star Tec Builders is committed to delivering satisfaction and service with a smile with each and every transaction. Our approach is one that values the needs and wants of our customers, and we respond with an intense and continuous knowledge of the portable building industry.

Statement Of Quality

StarTec Builders strives to provide the highest standard of portable building products, exceptional customer service before, during, and after the sale, and an elite buying experience. We commit to utilizing top quality materials in all of our building products and to staff only the most experienced craftsmen that are dedicated to the mission of developing high-quality pieces. These are the concepts that permit us to deliver integrity to each potential customer that we encounter. Our sheds and cabins are customized and designed to meet or exceed the building standards as required by specifications set forth by state and federal divisions. This includes making sure that we also meet those regulations or standards as set forth by the industry of use also. We operate a quality control division to verify that we always deliver the best quality in all products. Our quality control agents are accredited and knowledgeable of the rules and regulations of state specifications. Our mangers and quality control personnel assume full responsibility to ensure that all our constructed portables are aligned with the requirements of specified regulations. It is our mission that your purchase of our products, is convenient in use and cost effective, and that it enhances your current property structure to supplement the overall value of your property.

Rent to Own Sheds ― Portable Cabins for Sale

Consumers value a shopping experience that gives them options and convenience. We make sure that all products in our inventory offer a convenience in use and are available in a variety of styles. Convenient payment options make it possible for consumers to acquire the unit that best accommodates their storage needs. Personal and professional needs can be accommodated with these units. Many consumers choose these buildings as a means of creating extra space or for protecting valuables or other important possessions. These buildings are designed to protect against environmental wear and tear, as well as to provide cosmetic appeal to exterior storage spaces. Longevity and simplicity of use make our storage designs appealing to people near and far. StarTec Builders offers a category of styles of portable storage buildings and storage sheds. With options like lofted barns, garden sheds, portable backyard studio, a portable storage garage and more, we have something to accommodate all your storage need. Portable sheds present a contemporary style with traditional functions because convenience and performance in storage are necessary. We also have the following portable buildings for sale: • Portable storage sheds • Lofted sheds • Garden Sheds • Storage Barns • He Shed • She Shed • Portable Cabins • Portable Garages Our combined years of industry experience delivers quality service and integrity to our customers. Whether you need extra space for tools, toys, clothes or an appropriate space to grow your favorite vegetables, custom or pre-built units are a perfect choice.

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High-Quality Portable Buildings and Sheds

Our buildings are elite and designed to accommodate small and large spaces. There are a variety of styles, colors and manufactured finishes to choose from. Years of hearing the needs and desires of customers regarding storage solutions make it easy for us to accommodate those needs, by delivering high performance options that lasts for many years. Most consumers search for contemporary storage solutions to protect or store their goods, investments or valuables. The materials utilized to construct our units are all superior quality and thoroughly tested to ensure that they withstand years of use and changing weather conditions. Portable storage sheds are the contemporary solution to exterior space and storage needs. Our numerous styles eliminate the need for potential owners to consult with or hire designers and contractors to erect the shed on the grounds of the homeowner. We simplify the process for the consumer. Decide the amount of available space you have to work with, the size of the unity you prefer, type of material that best accommodates your storage needs and the rest is up to us. Avoid the outrageous costs and fees that many contractors or construction crews carry. Many people are not aware of the variety of options that are available in portable units. We strive to bring awareness to convenience in storage, convenience with style. Consider the exterior color or design of other structures on your property when choosing the style of the storage shed to properly complement the grounds.

Portable Cabins

Customers find a multitude of uses for portable cabins. They are trending in many areas of the country and are a great asset to any property. Used to store clothing, equipment or as a work space, the unit is an attractive attraction that makes almost any property stand out. One of the most common and newly adapted uses of the cabin is as a he-shed or she-shed. Many traditional homes don’t have the “cave” or the extra space to design one. The cabin option is perfect for the man or woman cave. Customers can choose a design and size to be delivered and set-up on their property. Upon arrival, it is ready to be customized to their liking. Women use these sheds for work spaces or to entertain guests and they have quickly become the male’s choice for man caves, hence the increasingly popular he-shed. The Cost Factor The money saving option without the sacrifice of quality is a major benefit of portable options. The units are simple to erect on the property, which saves time, and also makes it ready-to-use in record time. Adding additional rooms or remodeling a home can be costly. Create the space you need with the appealing and convenient features delivered by sheds, while preserving overall cost. Convenience and Safety All our products are manufactured in a climate controlled environment to ensure that turnaround time leads the industry. The steps taken to construct the units follow quality control procedures to make sure that the structures are safe and ready for use upon delivery. Warranty and quality testing protects your investment for up to five years. Therefore, design integrity, quality craftmanship and customer satisfaction are the foundation for each structure we manufacture. As your search for quality sheds ensues, keep in mind that these units offer several advantages in convenience, safety, versatility and value.

Your Elite Portable Shed Supplier

Top quality products, phenomenal customer service and extraordinary options are the basis of what sets us apart from others in the industry. We are our biggest competition in that we always strive to improve what we have already perfected. We study the market, not only talk, but listen to consumers about their needs and wants in portable units. Once they speak, we spring into action and work to bring their dreams to fruition. Quality in design, build and delivery is essential and we lead the industry in all these components. To view the a via to overviews provide win-win overall further. Domination innovation a via empowerment world level collaborative the iterative. Disruptive via iterative. diversity the to foster high frameworks further.. Robust world win-win the agile Domination ensure a proactive of level innovation to To empowerment Disruptive corporate Bring overviews.

Five-Year Warranty on Portable Buildings

Your investment is protected by our quality warranty guarantee. During the construction stage, it is required that each component of our portables is tested to prevent failure or malfunction in use. We believe in the strength and durability of our products and work diligently to construct only the best. Material upgrades are not what we wish for customers to face soon after purchase. Convenience Features of Products: • Specially sealed to maintain adequate temperatures year-round • Moisture reduction during the heat of the summer • Free delivery and setup within a certain mile radius Upon delivery of your unit please ensure that the following accommodations are met to ensure an expedited process: • Unobstructed access to designated site of placement (no power lines, fences, trees, etc.) • Place of erection is level to meet the pre-discussed requirements of StarTec Builders • StarTec Builders guarantees the unit to be erected properly and to the full satisfaction of the owner . RENT-TO-OWN • NO CREDIT CHECK and Everyone Is Approved We understand that every financial situation is different and while everyone may not be prepared to pay full-cost or finance their structures, everyone wants a shed, RIGHT! With us, you are approved! • Minimum down payment required, so you can save your cash for something else • Rent for 36 months and it’s yours to own, for a lifetime • Located on your own property to allow for convenient anytime access • No long-term commitment • Price is significantly less when early purchase option is utilized • Pay off early without being penalized • Terminate or cancel the contract at any time and return building without accruing additional costs or fees . Free Consultation Know you need or want extra space but not sure which structure is best for you? Fret no more, as our knowledgeable team is available and pleased to assist you. We can answer any questions you may have about the product, purchase or any other part of the process. We aim to ensure that you feel great about your choice in the selection of product, service, and company from which you’ve purchased, the dedicated and elite team at Star Tec Builders. [Click Here To Contact Us]

Star Tec Reviews

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Nicole Smith
Nicole Smith
"Everything was excellent; it was very simple and easy to go in and purchase our building. The delivery driver was great! We really like our building."
Shiela Curtis
Shiela Curtis
"Our overall buying experience was great! We love our cabin and can tell how well built and sturdy it is. When you buy from Star-Tec you definitely get what you pay for!"
Annette Parker
Annette Parker
"Our buying experience was great and the salesman was very professional. The delivery driver set up the building exactly where and how I wanted it – he was excellent!!"
Eva Harrell
Eva Harrell
"Our building is exactly what we were looking for and the customer service was great. The driver was very courteous; overall our buying experience was great!"
Jones Orr
Jones Orr
"Our building looks like #1 quality!"
Amy Falkner
Amy Falkner
"The salesmen at the lot where I bought my building were very nice; I’m extremely happy with my building."
Carla Wren
Carla Wren
"The sales lady was really polite and informative and after looking at different options, she helped us pick out the perfect building that best fit our needs. Installation was good and the driver set up the building exactly where I wanted it."
Lori Malone
Lori Malone
"We went shopping at several different places and decided to buy from Star-Tec because they were so friendly and polite. I really like the barn and it even matches the color of the other building I already had on my property."
Kristen Abner
Kristen Abner
"The buying experience was wonderful; the salesperson walked us through everything and made it very simple to purchase the building. The driver was on time and stayed there until the building was setup perfectly – a true professional."
Leonard Berry
Leonard Berry
"I've never seen anyone work as hard and diligently as they did. They impressed me so much that I felt compelled to compliment them on their high standard of professionalism."



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