About StarTec Builders

Here at Star-Tec Builders we take pride in our quality and make it our primary goal to please our customers. We set ourselves apart from the competition as a leader in the portable building industry by having over 15 years of professional experience, using the highest quality products like Premium #1 T1-11 Pressure Treated Siding on all our treated buildings, providing outstanding customer service, while still offering our products at a competitive price.

A Leader in the Portable Building Industry

As an innovative leader in the portable buildings industry we offer ten building styles available in Treated Siding or LP® SmartSide® Side Panel for all painted buildings as well as four standard styles available in metal siding. All our buildings have a three year manufacturer’s warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. In addition, we offer free delivery and setup to all our customers with the ability to purchase through rent-to-own or pay cash.

What makes us different from the competition?

  • Premium #1 T1-11 Pressure Treated siding
  • LP SmartSide panel and trim on all Painted Buildings
  • Thirteen Standard Paint colors to choose from
  • Ten Standard Metal colors to choose from
  • Three 30 Year Shingles options to choose from
  • 4x6 Skids notched 1" deep
  • 2x6 floor joist
  • 5/8" TG Plywood flooring on all treated and painted buildings
  • 3/4" Pressure treated floors on all garages
  • Free delivery and setup
  • Free escort fees (if required) up to 150 miles from the plant
  • Mennonite Craftsmanship
  • No Credit Check on Rent-to-Own